Sunday, December 30, 2007


... dixie takes up half of our couch as her own personal bed. (see below... 1/2 couch taken by dog. under a blanket. but still really cute.)

and, if you have ever been around beagle-type dogs, you know that their fur actually weaves itself into couch cover fibers, thus making the thrice-daily lint rolling quite tedious.

this has all changed.

today i went to target, and although i usually skip the christmas decor aisle -- even when 75% off, as it was today -- i wanted to see if there were any chocolate goodies. lo and behold, there was a holiday dog bed... 75% off. and those beds are usually a pretty penny, which is why i hadn't bothered to buy one before. i brought it home.

she loves, LOVES it. it's as big as a couch cushion and really squishy and she prefers it to the couch.

all this happiness for only $8. nice.

we've also taken down our christmas tree -- and by removing this tree, we've realized that it takes up roughly 8,000 sq. feet of space in our living room. might need a smaller one next year.

saw The Orphanage today... if you have a way to get to it, do so. for real. very very good.

rented: Superbad (KICK ASS!), Jackass 2.5 (okay, but not their best work), and Halloween (Rob Zombie version... sorry Benito, had to see for myself).

at the beginning of Halloween i said outloud to dustin, "i'm going to try really hard to look at this as a completely separate movie, NOT a remake." i love the original. love it.

so did i love this as a completely separate movie? feh. it was fine. not great. *SPOILER ALERT* i guess i've seen so many movies where serial killers and psychopaths become that way b/c of their troubled childhood, i'd be more impressed by someone with a totally normal childhood who is just purely evil, if showing the childhood is necessary at all. it's scarier if they are just that way, not if they are "made" that way by their home life and school tauntings.

on one hand, the actor who played the grown-up michael myers in this new version was great b/c he was HUGE. seriously, a big, big man. i totally bought that this guy COULD take a lickin', appear to be dead, then be right back to kick more ass and slit more throats.

on the other hand (and here is where i am comparing it to the original), the first myers wasn't a tiny man or anything -- probably average height -- and maybe it was easy to believe that he was not just evil, but SUPER evil b/c no man of average height/weight could take that many bullets/stabbing with knitting needles/falling out of windows, just to come back for more only moments later. kind of a draw, in my opinion.

but it's always nice to see malcolm mcdowell. and the guy who played the sheriff was the same actor who played the scary guy in Exorcist III.

and, as expected, rob put in his wife --- who had a chance to show some acting more in this than in zombie's previous movies --- but still showed some T&A.

tonight's agenda? maybe a crossword puzzle or two... watch the extras on the Superbad dvd... very little.

here's the updated version of "Kari's Bored With Her Hair... So Here's An Idea for Bangs!" this may happen tomorrow. thoughts?


Andrew said...

Really cute photo of the dog. We have a dog bed for Henry, and he loves it, too. We thought it'd be a wash getting a new one for Simon, since Simon already had a special dog bed for older, crickety dogs, but Simon and Henry fight for the Target dog bed.

I agree with you about psychopaths as scarier when they are just normal people who end up a bit, well, touched. I found Hannibal Lecter infinitely more frightening when I didn't know his "origins."

Happy new year. May it be a wonderful new year ahead, this year that you're bringing a new life into this world.

And, uh, really? Crossword puzzles? When did this start, asks the guy addicted to Warcraft.

(Edited to add: Hey, do you think Blogger does word verification not only to prevent anonymous idiots leaving messages, but also to prevent drunk commenting? I think so!)

d. said...

A bed like that with similar powers over felines would be a welcome addition to our bedroom. That cat is a tyrantess. tyranteesssss... is there a feminized tyrant? Anyway, you take my point.

I like the bangs in this post better than the last one, but I think they both look cute! I don't know anything about hair, though, so some of the deeper mysteries may be lost on me.

Where's the review of Superbad!!? :) We just watched that last night. Hilarious!