Sunday, March 02, 2008

those damn kids will go offline sometime, right? don't they have bedtimes? isn't the internet big enough for all of us?

when do i get MY turn to order the new NIN cd? huh? i think hordes of angst-ridden kids are clogging the series of tubes that make up the interweb.

i began my "hey! a new nin cd to buy/download!" journey a bit after 9 tonight. then i went to watch a movie. then i entered payment method, then it "timed out" and basically told me to fuck off, then i made a sandwich, then i went back to the main page and began again... i ate the sandwich, i waited some more. i went to the kitchen to put away my plate and to grab and apple. still waiting for the Quantity page to load. berated the cat for trying to get into the pots and pans cupboard. still waiting.

why, you ask, am i still trying to do this? why not just do it when i wake up?

huh. good question. yeah, it's time to sleep. after i eat this apple. and if THEN i STILL can't get to the site, i'll go to sleep.

(instant gratification issues are being tested currently. and i'm failing. miserably.)

MUST... HAVE... NEW... CD......

page still not loading. must give up the fight. FOR NOW. but i'll be back, i'll be back.

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Andrew said...

I'm very angst-ridden about interweb timeouts and take it very personally. Take Warcraft patch downloads (please). I've got my bag of chips, my icy-cold Coke and I'm looking forward to an afternoon/evening of mining thorium and killing Felsworn. (That made sense to exactly two people in your readership, who are nodding with approval as they read these words.)

So I log in. I'm told I have to download the patch before I can continue. Okey doke. I start the download but notice it hangs at 13 percent (pretty exact, no?). "Huh," I say, "give it some time."

Meanwhile, my chips are gone, my Coke isn't so icy, and I'm wondering when I can log in and play my game.

This continues for about an hour, during which, the progress bar moves no more than 2 percent.

At this point, I'm a nervous wreck. I've checked my computer to make sure I can still browse the Interweb. I reboot my wireless router. I'm getting clingy and needy. "Is it me? It's me, isn't it? It's me. It's not Internet traffic clogging the Blizzard site. It's me. I can change! I can be better!" etc.

It's all very drama filled.