Wednesday, March 26, 2008

we have an extra beast in our house this week.

we are dog sitting for geffre while he, michelle and the abbey are on vacation -- and i have to say that their pup, mia, is cute as hell. by "pup" i mean "full-grown coonhound," but she's awesome and will rub her face up against you whilst making a grumbling noise. it's neat.

i always have a tough time when abbey is out of town -- i mean, it's not as bad as when she went to girl scout camp and i couldn't even talk on the phone with her for the week. but with me being all nearly 35 weeks and more emotional than usual, it's just tricky. BUT her spring break is next week, which guarantees me all sorts of abbey-time.

i think the baby may have dropped (in this way, not this way) which could mean my body is getting prepped for labor. or it could mean nothing. what's important is that i am having an easier time breathing again. however i do pee every six and a half minutes.

damn, i'm up early. i think since it's my weekend, it warrants going back to bed for a few more hours.

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