Friday, March 21, 2008

my husband is completely out-blogging me...

... on his site, so i should probably do some updating on mine. BUSY lately. health-stuff mostly -- had some weird chest pains that i needed to get checked out, and my EKG was just fine, so i think my panic had gotten the better of me. began having weirdy contractiony-cramping last friday, so spent some time in the hospital getting monitored. THEN i fell on some fucking ice in a parking lot wed. a.m. -- which meant more monitoring in hospital (baby and i are both fine). we've had an assload of snow fall around us and then my abbey is feeling a bit sickly, so i'm taking care of her.

tomorrow: dustin's birthday! we shall have a party and good eats.

here's a question for the masses: abbey used a giftcard to buy some stuff from an online store -- one of the items smelled horribly of gasoline when we took it out of the plastic packaging, and after washing it TWICE the smell still remains. any suggestions?

now i must go do mom-stuff for the sickly kid.

six weeks to baby due date!

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