Wednesday, March 05, 2008

moving in: the saga continues

dustin completely rocked the last days of the old apartment -- i did the surface kind of cleaning, but he spent HOURS doing the real dirty work. i applaud you, dustybill!

so everything is here. it's not necessarily in its place (or in any place other than a box), but it's here. much of this is in the garage, awaiting a time when we can put it into our storage closet, or organize it into shelves in the garage. for instance: dustin's box o' adhesive sprays? those can find a shelf. someday. not today. today's tasks include laundry (in progress), vacuuming (done) and dishes (later).

THEN it's a trip to the clinic to see the midwife -- and no, that doesn't mean i'll be doing a homebirth into my bathtub (ICK)... my clinic has a nurse-midwife option (similar to the one in minot when i had abbey nearly 12 years ago) and their way of treatment works well for me. a little bit kinder, gentler than the run of the mill ob/gyn. so i'll have some weighing done, some measuring done, some blood taken to make sure the thyroid is still working with the meds. it's weird to think that in LESS THAN TWO MONTHS there will be a baby here. blogging may slow a bit, but count on many photo posts.

LESS THAN TWO MONTHS. and since friday marks 32 weeks, anytime after four weeks from now would be just fine in terms of lung development and whatnot.

am i feeling ready, you ask? for the most part. it helps having moved before the baby's arrival, that way we're mostly settled. i'm not sleeping very well at this point -- AT ALL -- so i don't think the sleep deprivation will hurt me too much.

of course, i say that now.

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