Sunday, March 16, 2008

i should be getting to sleep...

... but first i have a few things to say about march 15.
ever since october 15 of last fall, my blog entries have been about bram whenever the 15th came around. however this month that is not the case, and i know he'd be glad to have me not mourning him yesterday, but instead celebrating my AMAZING WONDERFUL FANTASTIC UBER-GENIUS daughter, Abbey, on her 12th birthday.

that's my girl, 12 years old. isn't she beautiful? i recall the age of 12 being INCREDIBLY awkward, but if this is her awkward phase...? well, i'm screwed.

abbey is amazing. she is funny and has a warped sense of humor and, largely in part to her age, she finds jokes about testicles incredibly humorous. she doesn't just read books -- she DEVOURS them with amazing speed. she loves movies, she loves soundtracks, she loves Harry Potter and Hairspray and the vocals of ewan mcgregor. when given the chance to eat ANYWHERE for a birthday, she'll choose subway. more often than not, vanilla is her choice when given an infinite number of ice cream possibilities. she is cuddly but cherishes her alone time when she can hang out and watch youtube. she is emotional and dramatic and i love her to pieces.

she made me a better person 12 years ago and continues to challenge me to be the best person -- and mother -- i can be. the say that she is the best thing to have happened to me is a complete understatement.

happy birthday, my sweet girl -- i love you more than i can ever express.

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