Sunday, November 04, 2007

i waited too long to eat.

so with this whole pregnancy thing i'm learning fast that, the MOMENT i feel hungry, i need to eat. right. that. second. and i have about a five-minute window in which to arrange food.

what happens if i don't do this? well, my blood sugar PLUMMETS and i get nauseaus as hell and then when food appears, i eat but then i feel like throwing up for the next half hour... at least.

and why, if i know this fact, did i wait longer than five minutes after i realized i was hungry? because i'm just stupid. clearly that is the only explanation.

i've not really gained much weight -- maybe a pound or so -- thus far. i have, however, watched my weight reassign itself... SHIFT, if you will ... down to my abdomen. and, being a "girl of larger proportions" to begin with, i really only need to gain 15 pounds or so. and at least half of that will ultimately be baby.

when my mom was pregnant with me, i was three weeks past my due date. seriously. due date of april 21, birth date of may 9. after having been in the proverbial oven for that long, i was birthed out at a hefty ELEVEN pounds. 11. that's a BIG BABY. this is the fear that urged me to induce abbey a few days before her actual due date and she was still 8 pounds even. SO i may give birth to a giant. i'm just sayin'.

ready for sleep. i forgot to turn the clocks back last night -- which is sad, b/c it's my favorite time to be able to get an extra hour of sleep. this morning i had to pick up my madre from the train station at 7 a.m. AND what do you think happened?

that's right...i arrived to a train station that was still closed -- which, if you've ever been to a train station, you know that they are rarely closed. i looked around, there were other people in their cars, awaiting the opening of the doors. i waited in my car, wondering what in the hell was going on. finally i walked up to the doors and looked inside to see an employee changing the clocks back one hour. i stared and then...


i had NOT arrived at 7, but at 6. SIX. one full hour before i need to be there. which means that i left my house BEFORE SIX. roughly 5:45 a.m.

and it's not like in minot where, if you get to the station and you are early, you can jaunt back home in five, maybe ten minutes, and go back to sleep for another 45 minutes. NO. here it would have taken me a good 20 minutes to get back home and by then i'd just have to leave again.

long (and horribly boring) story short: i'm tired. i woke up REALLY EARLY and think it's time for bedfordshire. plus my dog is whining and irritating me, so it's a good time, i think, to bow out and hide in the bedroom with the crossword puzzle book.

[it's been three weeks, bram... i'm still in disbelief.]

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