Wednesday, November 28, 2007

wednesday is the new saturday.

my work schedule is from saturday night through tuesday afternoon, so that makes wednesday -- today -- my saturday. so what have i done thus far on my saturday? i've cleaned the living room and done the dishes. i've blown my nose a gazillion times and played some electronic yahtzee.

i am putting off a task... this task is one that i HATE. it's easy, but i HATE it. i HATE putting away clean clothes after they've been laundered. in my bedroom i have FOUR, that's right, FOUR loads of clean clothes that need to find their way onto hangers and into drawers. but can i force myself to do it? hmm. not as of yet. i feel like i've already done so much around the this??? shite.

okay, MAAAAAYBE i'm overreacting. i should just man-up, put on a movie and deal with laundry. and THEN i can reward myself with a nap. and more electronic yahtzee. and a nap.

we're also looking for a cheap-ass car to purchase. with dustin's new job and his schedule being much different from mine, we're finding that functioning with one and only one car is tricky. anyone want to get ride of a car on the cheap?

i love our christmas tree. i'm not big into holidays, but there is something completely soothing about a tree lit up at night. with no other lights on, it just feels like... home. does that make sense?

isn't that nice? plus it reflects off my floor in a manner that suggests i clean on a regular basis. sparkling clean, no? (in the dark, you can't see the dog hair as easily.)

okay, fine, FINE. stop hasseling me. i'll go put away laundry now. right NOW. i mean it. as soon as i grab a glass of soda, i'll be all over laundry-putting-away. you happy now? are ya?

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Andrew said...

Did you put away the laundry? There's something about putting away dishes from the dishwasher I hate. Don't know why. I just do. Like we've got it so tough. People in, say, pioneer days would think we lived like gods, what with our fancy labor savin' devices and all...