Thursday, November 22, 2007

my notes from the macy's parade...

i had to leave the house briefly to pick up a few things from the one store that is open today -- Walgreen's -- and SADLY i think i missed the performance from (and i can't believe this was an actual sentence the announcer spoke) the "hit musical 'Xanadu.'"

however, before leaving i did see a bit of the musical "legally blonde," whose star had dark roots, and a bit of "young frankenstein," which actually looked enjoyable. the big question... have i missed the stars from High School Musical? have i missed Menudo? we shall see...

regarding "black friday"... i don't usually take part in the 6 a.m. chaos, HOWEVER there are a few items the kiddo wants for christmas that are on super-duper sale tomorrow, so i think i'll brave the crowds around 8:30 a.m. during the 2-day sale at target. and if they run out of those items before i get there, i will make them pay.

okay, parade... Sesame Street cast is on now... who's still there from the humans? holy crap.. BOB? BOB is still around? and what is that lady's name... crap... SUSAN, that's her name.

now it's the jonas brothers. they are on the build-a-bear float. i think if they ever hoped to earn any street cred, that opportunity is now gone forever.

still to come.. wynonna judd. hmm. maybe it's time for that mid-morning nap.

final parade note: host meredith viera said, upon the arrival of Barbie's float, "Barbie has been inspiring girls all over to be whatever they want to be..." i guess that includes tall with a body that is not correct in it's proportions. well done, barbie, well done.

wait... THIS is the final note... MENUDO is still to come! eek!

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