Thursday, November 22, 2007

what's scarier than a clown?

a marching band of NOTHING BUT CLOWNS. i'm pretty sure i had a nightmare like this once.

on the note of nightmares, i feel a cold sore coming on -- a downside of having an immune system dampened by pregnancy. and, as earlier mentioned, there is ONE store open. Walgreen's. and my usual $11 miracle cold sore cure is $20 there. which i'm just not willing to pay. so here it sit, my lip itchier than ... than.... something that is really itchy. see how itchy it is? i've lost my ability to make comparisons.

just saw a neighbor come home and unload some groceries... one thing she unloaded was a case of shitty beer. an OPEN case of shitty beer. and i'm fairly certain she was stumbling. WOW.

now i need to find some sandpaper to rub off my mouth. yes, it's that itchy. i am in hell.

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Benito said...

Ewwwww, itchy herpes!!!