Friday, November 16, 2007

why i like pregnancy, part 1

pregnancy means being able to crave this for breakfast ...

and not having to apologize for it. from left you'll see a small slim jim snack, a package of grandma's limited edition iced lemon cookies, and 1/2 cucumber. i just ate the slim jim (my dog is now losing her shit trying to find the wrapper for it). i am currently cleansing the ol' palate with the cucumber, and i will finish with one of the cookies, saving the second cookie for after lunch. i'll wash down this snack with a glass of orange juice and will then watch x files until i fall asleep.

yesterday was laundry/mopping the floor/doing dishes day. this is my sunday, as i start my work week tomorrow afternoon. this is my day of rest. what would jesus do, you ask? if given the option, he'd eat a slim jim (a kosher one, of course).

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Nan said...

Kari, the best pregnancy food I EVER found: Ben & Jerrys Half baked ice cream. Ice cream with cookie dough and fudge brownies all swirled together! I was known to down a pint in pregnancy! YUM