Wednesday, November 07, 2007

update on the cranky

still a bit pissy today, even after getting more sleep. have used up the last of the legitimate kleenex due to my chronically runny/stuffy nose (side effect of pregnancy) and will now be forced to use toilet paper, unless i can get my carcass off the couch, into the car and to the store. we'll see.

used some of my pissy energy to clean the living room -- it's nice, but now i realize that i need a rug. a nice medium sized rug that will tie the room together. perhaps a trip to ikea is in order?

my dog refuses to sit other than on the couch if there is even an inch of free space. i've heard that placing mousetraps underneath newspaper will scare the dog off from using the couch. and i also am not here 24/7, so it's tough to instill in her the need for her to use a different place. ugh. beagles=difficult to train, more difficult to break bad habits.

i see a man across the street who is mowing his leaf-covered lawn while smoking. smoking in fall is nice. i know smoking is a bad habit and it took me forever and a day to quit, but still... if they can put people in space, couldn't they make healthy cigarettes???

maybe another nap is in order. growing a person can really take it out of you.

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