Saturday, November 24, 2007

turkey day and after...

sarah and andy were our lovely hosts for turkey day... yes, we are parasites.

andy gets appetizers ready...

the picture of sophistication!!!

we hung our stockings... (abbey's is the cool one in the middle) ... we don't have a fireplace, so our big tv will have to be a substitute.

and today we got a big-ass tree for FREE off of it.

here it tis, all lit and pretty.

abbey did a little karaoke... (note the song is "super freak")

dustin's story of christmas:

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d. said...

Ha, is it just me or did Dustin go from "Dustin Accent" to "Midwest accent" to, a ...uh... Jerz accent perhaps?

A better oral performance of the "true story" (as passed down by the prophet-elves) of Christmas hasn't been heard by this world in many, many years. Not too many, mind you: the Earth isn't that old. But, you know, BEFORE today, and, uh, AFTER when Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to Sunday Service.

...that's when we last heard such a performance, see. It, uh.