Monday, July 30, 2007

by god...

it HAS been a long time since i've posted! long story short, i've been unable to blog/do other online stuff due to circumstances beyond my control, BUT NOW I'M BACK, yo.
new job=very very good. tomorrow is tuesday for the rest of the world, but it's my friday, meaning that my days off follow tuesday. and it's delightful and i love doing what i do, even though it came with a pay cut.
but as my wise friend ellermee said, "what's the good of the extra money if you are just spending it on things that numb the pain?"
wise beyond her years, that ellermee. wise beyond her years.
we have the 'puter hooked up to our TV screen and DAMN, this is the BIGGEST i've ever seen a post. for real. it's insanely huge.

see how ridiculous this is? SEE?

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Andrew said...

I'm loving that photo of you in front of the TV! Bravo! More! :)