Sunday, July 08, 2007

vacation winding down...

just hanging out in the hotel in minot whilst awaiting the gift opening, enjoying some incredibly crappy tv and the lovely air conditioning after an exceptionallly hot and muggy saturday. the wedding and reception/dance were fantastic and it's been lovely to have a few days out of town before starting the new gig. here's a few photos from this week, and there are many more to follow...

crap. nevermind. this internet is too effing slow to upload anything. at all.

so.... the movie that is on? Coyote Ugly. have i ever seen this before? not a bit. but i can tell that this small-town girl who is trying to prove herself as a songwriter is going to be the best scantily-clad barmaid EVER.

and i want a brownie for breakfast. who can bring me a brownie right this second?

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