Monday, July 09, 2007

for some reason i'm unable to type in a title for this post. i think that's just fine, since it would be something generic like "going home."

in about an hour we'll be packing up the car, checking the air in the tire that has a slow leak (unless you drive all day at 80 mph, in which case the leak is faster...oh crap...) and, if you are like me, car singing like you are a total rock star. i woke up earlier than i needed to and for that, i fear i will pay dearly in about two hours. i'll just pump up the husband with some caffeine and hope for the best, i think.

i'm looking forward to posting some photos later this evening... we've had a really great time and i want to wish sara and darren all the best -- you guys are the greatest!

time to pack and choke down a box of caffeine pills.

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