Friday, July 06, 2007

quick update!

after a few days of travel and many a beer, i have a quick update for you all! you can stop crossing your fingers now, as i have successfully secured a gig with Sun Newspapers as a Design Editor, beginning this coming week. the hours are great and the work is something i can do with my eyes shut, SO that will be a good move for me and mine.

tomorrow is sara and darren's wedding, so today is filled with wedding prep type stuff and general chaos. kiddo has been with her grandpa the past few days and i'm REALLY REALLY excited to see her today!

i'll have gobs of photos to post once i'm back in town, but for now let me say THANK YOU to everyone who crossed their fingers and other appendages on my behalf. you are all my homies.

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The Captain said...

Newspaper design? There's no future in that, is there? :)