Wednesday, July 11, 2007

day one: not too shabby

i spent three hours in the new office today, filling out paperwork, meeting coworkers and acquainted with my computer. it's always the same sort of process and i should be used to it by now, but it's always kind of scary. i'm not terribly good at meeting new people, so it makes it tough to give off that "kick-ass, take names" persona that i like to display.

the new schedule is definitely something i'm okay with -- although i will never again be able to leave town on a weekend, i reckon i'll be fine with the trade-off for more kiddo time.

i've been slacking in seeing movies, and here's my updated list of movies i still need to see:

• hot fuzz (is this still at the cheap theater?)
• sicko
• waitress
• mr. brooks (yes, brian, i WILL see it eventually)
• transformers
• license to wed (it's JIM! i can't help myself!)
• harry potter (but i'll wait until i can take the kiddo to this)
• 1408 (but that can wait until the cheap theater)

anything else i should see?

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