Sunday, July 01, 2007

what in the...???

so i've had really strange dreams lately. two nights ago the following happened whilst i slumbered:

• one of our cats had kittens. but not small kittens, kittens her size. and then she also birthed a teddy bear and a piece of poster board that, upon being birthed out, unfolded into a huge, wall-sized piece of poster board.

• after the labor, i picked up the mother cat and it was a baby, but a weird baby that looked like a doll with a huge head that had a cone shape to it. but since the cat/weird babydoll had so much in it to birth, the cone head was flopped over with excess skin after birthing so much of what was inside.

note to self: no more eating pickle and cheese sandwiches before bed. i mean it.

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