Thursday, October 18, 2007

kids are pretty smart.

i went in to wake up abbey this morning and when i went in, she was looking out the window and said "it's raining out. when my dad told me about bram, it was raining. and it's still raining. it's like the world is crying for bram."

smart kid.

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Anonymous said...

I spent a lot of time thinking about Bram in the last week. My mind kept coming back to these lyrics from a Harry Nilsson song called "The Flying Saucer Song". (Harry Nilsson's the dude who did "Coconut" and "Without You" and wrote a whole ton of hit songs like Three Dog Night's "One".

The song is basically a skit set to music, involving Harry Nilsson acting out the parts of two drunks in a bar. One of the characters references an old poem he remembers:

"Late last night, in search of light, I watched a ball of fire streak across the midnight sky. I watched it glow & grow, then shrink and sink into the silouette of morning, and as I watched die --- you know what I said to myself - I said 'Hey! I got a lot in common with that light!'

"You see, I am alive with the fire of my life, that streaks across my span of time, and is seen by those who lift their eyes in search of light, to help them thru the long, dark night.".

Bram was that ball of fire, and he streaked across my midnight sky when I was in search of light to get me thru the long, dark light.

Thanks for the hugs, Bram

Jason Wood