Thursday, October 11, 2007

this post has been a long time coming...

so what have i been up to? why have i been too occupied, too busy to post? i've been busy being nauseous. being tired. peeing every thirty minutes. watching my body slowly morph into something else...something host-like.....

this girl is having a baby, yo!

we found out about two and a half months ago that we're having a baby. given my history with miscarriage, i've opted to wait to discuss the ins and outs of it. and when i can't discuss one thing on the blog, i find that i have a hard time discussing anything. that's the way it works, kiddos.

SO. wednesday, went to see the midwife and after a full range of questions she took out the long-awaited doppler.

she lubed it up with the goop.

and we heard the heartbeat of the fetus. 170 beats per minute, exactly where it is supposed to be.

the word "relief" just doesn't even cover it. so relieved. SO relieved.

after four weeks of 24 hour a day nausea, it's nice to have a break from that and to also be reassured that there is a live creature with a racing heartbeat growing inside of me. (it's more reassuring that it's a fetus instead of some sort of parasitic alien, too.)

funny dream:
dreamed i was having an ultrasound -- they not only saw twins, but one of them was a MONKEY.

and yes, we will find out the gender before birth. why? it's not like it'll be a HUGE surprise...we know it'll either be a boy or a girl, so why wait?

please submit any name ideas (as long as they are not on the top 100 list of popular baby names. we aren't interested in those).


Crystal said...


You are going to have ANOTHER kick ass kid!

You should name him Atticus if it is a boy or Fiona if it is a girl.

Benito said...

How about spermicide...for either gender?

Nickname would be "The Sperminator"

Jege (Jen) said...

I vote for Finnegan Jude. Finnegan because while I was growing up, my dad talked non-stop about one of his favorite books, Finnegan's Wake, by his favorite author, James Joyce. And Jude because my dad also liked to play "Hey Jude" on his baritone, and I found it one of the most relaxing melodies ever.

Girls' names are harder for me. But my favorite girl's name is Zelda (I have a cat named that).

You know, Finnegan Jude also works for a girl; I am a big proponent of giving kids ambiguous names. There's enough discrimination as it is, so why should someone be able to discriminate on the basis of sex simply by reading one's name? It forces you to get to know the person first (this is why I LOVE the fact that my niece is named Elliott).

paul said...

Paul Duane Burnham IV
because there is no one I would rather have carry on my name than your child.

Im not sure how to spell it but its pronounced
(Ta-nel-a) for a girl.
hmmm or Sage.
The possibilities are endless

Nan said...

i have heard Shannon is a nice name