Monday, October 15, 2007

this picture makes me smile.

i don't know who took it, i just know it was on his myspace page. let me tell you about my friend, bram. and it's going to be harder than fuck to use past tense regarding him. it's impossible.

after a night of drinking (or during a night of drinking) he'd fry spam. and then actually eat it.

when taking a shot of tequila he'd swish it around in his mouth like mouthwash.

he and our friend Joe would flick each other's penile tip just for fun. (then bram would jump up like a little girl and giggle.)

he and i knew every line in "when harry met sally."

he was an amazing writer, and luckily some of that writing is online at his first blog site, here.

during a the song "puttin' on the ritz" he'd tap along with the tap dance part.

he had a light brown sweater from the gap that, for years (even just a month ago) i'd say was actually mine and that he needed to return it to me.

he'd drink kool-aid from a large glass jar. a REALLY large glass jar.

he hated tuna fish, but once in black box play, had to mix it up with mayo in a ziploc bag.

on our trips to fargo we'd take a corn-cob pipe that he kept in his car, mount a little troll doll on it (yes, he kept this doll in his car as well) and hold it out the window and hum the Wicked Witch theme song.

when he worked at Nite Train Pizza, he once put the phrase "Fire Bad, Pizza Good" on the sign outside.

he had two fish in a very murky 10-gallon aquarium, they were named Fist and Fuck (from a NIN song).

he put up with so much of my shit and stood by me when i was bat-shit crazy.

we'd watch "PCU" all the time. and it was always funny. even when we weren't drunk out of our minds.

he always made fun of the way i thwacked my cigarette on an ashtray... "thwack thwack thwack!"

he'd cook a whole mess o' bacon, then poor the grease into a glass jar where he'd put his used insulin needles and called it "art."

he always had a knack for winning big on pull tabs at a minot strip club.

he growled at my stomach when i was pregnant with abbey and i swear, the first time he talked to her, she made a growling noise.

when he'd pee, it sounded like a fire hose.


i could probably go on and for days. i just don't know any other way to get through this without writing about it. but honestly, i keep feeling like i'm going to wake up any minute and this won't be reality.


C. M. said...

This picture makes me smile, too. I met you, Bram, Derek, Aili, and Kelly the same night in '94. It's a night I'll never forget. Bram gave me many cigarettes. Very generous. Very kind. Goddammit, I can't stop crying.


kari said...

i know how you feel.

Brad said...

My mind doesn't want to work. I don't know what to say or do. I read this post and memories flood my head. It's hard to put into words what he has meant to me.

I can see him standing in the black box, wearing a bedsheet like a toga because he didn't have any clean clothes.

I see him standing on a box outside of hartnett, yelling at people as they walked by.

I see him doing his crazy Joseph dance that was never the same way twice.

I see his big goofy grin when he approved of something.

Crystal said...

WHAT?! Bram is gone?! What the hell??

Anonymous said...

bram may not be here anymore, but he'll never be gone...