Friday, October 26, 2007

props to jegecita...

for this wonderful quote that somehow applies perfectly to bram:

"maybe he was the way he was - you know, twice as good as most people, so important to so many - because he was only gonna be here for half his lifespan. The cosmos sort of squished, or "concentrated" his essential Bram-ness into just 33 short years. I was thinking of frozen orange juice concentrate while typing this analogy....Bram as sort of an undiluted orange juice concentrate, when so many other people are just watered-down......"

it's so true.

bram would tell me how his dad would add four cans of water to concentrated juice instead of the directed three cups, 'cause it "makes more juice." this is why jege's analogy is so fantastic.

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Jege (Jen) said...

I am honored. :)

You should add that part about Bram's dad making the orange juice...when you told me that it gave me the chills. Almost like Bram had been feeding me ideas to write about.