Wednesday, October 24, 2007

an oldie but goodie....

that old favorite game of typing Kari Needs, Kari Wants, Kari thinks... and stuff like that into google and seeing what happens.

KARI needs...
- an effective system
- needs care and attention
- to make a few gonzo pornos to upgrade her resume

KARI wants...
- her tender earlobes pierced
- Ellie to remember that being a good friend is better than having a best friend
- to lump all women who have regretted the abortion decision into a category
- to take her love for art a step further
- to solve her aunt’s murder

KARI thinks...
- this girl has potential
- they'll be romantic
- that special requests must come with a letter from an administrator
- the world of him
- that the old Christmas tree has had enough and suggested to sell it in the next garage sale
- they should try to slice through a smaller machine gun barrel and they choose a Tommy Gun


Jason said...

Uh...What? You are too damn needy woman! HeeHee! Well, try being a guy who gets notta, nothing, zilch! You'd think love would reign down on me...but damn the man of peace and contentment!

Amy said...

That's a great game ... I tried it, and Amy thinks she's a drug addict, and Amy wants a grilled cheese sandwich. There is a pattern emerging.