Sunday, October 28, 2007

a sample of our party...

is that meg and chris? nope, it's Holly Golightly and Mr. Varjak!

Mr. Varjak and my husband, the father of my unborn child, the terrorist.

sharon, laura, sean and the notorious MB.

i made cupcakes that look like rodents. it's my way.

me (an impregnanted Sally) and benito.

terrorist dustin (from Mattell!), impregnanted Sally (see the bump?) and Holly Golightly.

the happy expectant couple, Brandeen and Terry.

that wig just got itchy after a while.


eM said...

SWEET! Looks awesome. So sorry we missed it. I was asleep by 8. Luckily, according to urgent care on Sunday, I don't have strep, but they weren't sure why my throat was white and spotty. Icky!

Love the costumes!

Benito said...

It was way to much fun! You and your spousal terrorist sure know how to decorate for Halloween!