Sunday, June 24, 2007

5:34 a.m....

yep, awake. ate a cheese sandwich and drank some orange juice.


statcounter is funny because you can use different functions to track who is viewing your blog, and one of the ways is by referral url. for instance, if someone types "monkey" into google and i happened to have written the word "monkey" in my blog, it'll show up. here are a couple examples of what people type that will bring up my blog:

Cameron Crowe (not too odd)
Kari Larson Blog (again, not strange)
Baby Fish Mouth Soccer (WHAT?)

yes, i do have the words "Baby Fish Mouth" in my blog -- they actually describe my friend Bram's blog -- but who in the WORLD does a search for Baby Fish Mouth Soccer? what does that even mean? why bring it up?

5:44. i would REALLY like to fall back to sleep.

in other news, stuff is changing 'round these parts. again, no specifics, but change is definitely in the works, and it will require much kick-assery on my part. remember how i asked for finger-crossing? i'm now to the next stage of i need crossing of everything -- legs, eyes, the works. if it happens... it will KICK SO MUCH ASS. so much. seriously.

i think i actually feel drowsy right now -- it's magic time!

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