Wednesday, June 27, 2007

this man is a douchebag ... and other stories

one day this man will know that he's a complete moron. please, please make that day happen soon. he's one of those "i can therapy the gay right out of you" assholes who is making it his business to screw up lives. what crap.

and on the page of douchebags, what in the fuck happened to dennis miller? remember how he used to be cool? who is this lunatic i now see chatting with bill o' reilly? i don't know how dustin can watch this and stay sane, b/c i've been watching for 3.4 seconds and already i want to bash my head through the nearest pane of glass.

in other news, we'll be on our way to ND next week -- my lovely sister-in-law, sara, and the oft commenting d. are gettin' hitched! there will be camping (which, considering i'm not much of a camper, will be really, really funny) and vow-taking and reception-going and all sorts of shenanigans!

on the topic of whether or not you all can uncross your fingers...NOT UNTIL I SAY SO. but very soon you will understand. i need to kick ass and take names and by god, i need your help to do it. you are the source of all my power, i tell you!!! no matter what the outcome of this situation is, i'll be happy. HOWEVER one direction might be a bit more interesting than the other. ooh! i'm so cryptic! stay tuned!

my dog just snored. AWESOME!

and's time... for sleep.

but first... i just want to state how much i love blogging. i tried a touch o' the youtube and yeah, i like posting karaoke videos and dinking around with iMovie, but i just don't think anything can replace what this is.

and if youtube gets conventions, when will blogger be hosting a convention? huh? huh? i say we demand it, people! demand it!

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