Sunday, June 24, 2007

strange dreams

it's not often that i have end-of-times type dreams, but whilst napping only moments ago i dreamed i was looking at the night sky and saw what i thought was a shooting star. then it grew in size and what i was looking at was an asteriod coming toward earth. then more and more of them.

then suddenly i was in my cafeteria at work and no one was paying attention to the fact that all the tvs had gone to static and no one was sure what was happening outside. they were just concerned with getting their lunch choices and getting back to work. and then i was roaming back and forth from food area to food area, trying to decide what to eat...i think i chose the waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, when really i wanted the biscuits and gravy. and a woman working in the cafeteria said "i need _______ to come over and help me." (can't recall the name she said.) she was standing by what appeared to be some kind of water well. "he needs to go down and get the components for making our water supply last."

i'm retelling this to dustin right now and he's amused.

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