Wednesday, June 20, 2007

dedicated to jurgennation!

i got an email tonight from a friend who is dealing with some asshat who wants to get out the word that there are some things that shouldn't be blogged. while i can agree to a very limited extent (for example, proclaiming that hidden admiration for michael bolton or steven segal is never in good form), a blog at it's very best is really about the writer's life, and who is this ASSHAT to judge what makes for good reading material? "booo, i don't think things like that are funny...wahhhhh...."

guess what, genius: sometimes things are written and although the writing is witty and sharp and clever, it doesn't mean that what is written is a joke or a punchline in any way. it is a reflection of the way someone deals with what is going on in their life.

so to my stacy of jurgennation, keep on keepin' on, dollface.


Anonymous said...

OK, so I've had "some" wine tonight. Just watched you and Terry - and now I'm crying. Total flashbacks to about...10-14 years ago. I MISS YOU GUYS! Jackie

Andy said...

Hear, hear! I think we've wandered too far from the original intent of blogging, which is a WEB LOG. In other words, a public diary of the writer's life. And the more intensely personal it is, the better. In fact, the more intensely personal it is, the braver it is, and the closer it comes to--dare I say it?--art.

So here's to jurgennation. I, too, felt a backlash in the recent past. And guess what? It was Kari who pulled me out of it.

Thanks, Kari! Keep on doing your thing, jurgennation!

kari said...

oh jackie! get thee to the cities soon!

Jurgen Nation said...

Aw, thanks Kari! And Andy, you rock as well - thank you. I'm not sure where this blog snobbery is coming from; isn't the purpose of a back button to get you off a certain page when you don't want to be there? Sadly, blogging is becoming a lot like high school and i'm really getting tired of it.

Dear People Like This D-Bag,

Fuck off and die.


I don't want stuck up people reading my blog. It's not the fucking New Yorker, for fuck's sake. It's my life and it's fucked up, so naturally the writing will be...[drumroll] FUCKED UP.

Fucking arrogant D-bag.

*muttering...kicking things*