Monday, June 18, 2007

making decisions has never been my strong suit

sometimes you have to think about a lot of stuff to make a simple decision. should i dye and/or cut my hair? this will not be answered until i've created sixteen photoshop versions of my head with different styles. should i buy a pair of shoes? even after i've tried on roughly sixty pairs at five different stores i may not walk out with them, simply b/c i don't like to spend money on shoes. they have to be THE PERFECT SHOES. and when making larger decisions, i mentally make a pros/cons list. i weigh everything to come up with not just the best decision for me, but for all concerned.

so now i'm at another crossroads where i'm weighing the pros and cons. and while all signs point to "yes" on one front, there are a couple of really compelling reasons to go the other direction. actually just one. one really compelling reason to choose one way instead of the other. and while i can't get into specifics, suffice it to say that i have that weird, pit of my stomach kind of feeling that tells me this will be a really, really tough decision.

yes, that's right, i'm picking out nail polish.

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Crystal said...

red = hussy.