Wednesday, June 27, 2007

not able to fall back to sleep. at all.


in addition to this, i'm looking around the bedroom and seeing piles of laundry i need to put away. i could put it away now, but that's as good as saying "fine! i'm awake for the day!" which i'm not at all ready to do. the real rub of the "laundry not put away" situation is that there are a couple of cats sleeping on aforementioned piles. and leaving all their cat hair all over my black articles of clothing in the piles.

on the topic of my black clothing...

i don't wear black for any specific reason. i knew one girl who said "i wear black because i'm mourning the American dream."


personally, it's slimming. and it sets off my "so pale i'm see-through" complexion. and i feel a tad bit gothy. but mostly the slimming thing.

today's agenda includes: work, lunch with terry, more work and some kid time.

2:53 a.m.

crap!! crap! crap!

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