Sunday, June 10, 2007

DUDE i'm completely awake

4:46 a.m. at this very moment. really really really trying to get back to sleep -- alas, it's not meant to be. i am making a list of movies i want to see. i'll share that list with you now and then you tell me if you wanna go.

Waitress (dude, i heart nathan fillion.)
Hostel II (maybe i wanna see this. not sure yet.)
License To Wed (Dude! it's JIM!)
Halloween (rob zombie version due out this august...hurrah!)

i'd still like to check out Disturbia (maybe at the cheap theater)

the kiddo is super excited about Nancy Drew, so i'm sure we'll be doing that at some point.

movies i don't plan on seeing:
Surf's Up (even if andy said it's good. just doesn't appeal to my bitter, blackened soul.)
Shrek the Third (we get are an ogre. mike myers, please begin to act again. soon.)
Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (YAWN. i'm not much for swashbuckling lately.)

movies i'm on the fence about:
Ocean's Thirteen (haven't yet watched Ocean's Twelve...but i do like me the Clooney.)

how, HOW do weekends go so fast? it makes me sad.

hey, know what i'd really like? to FREAKING SLEEP. this "up at 4 a.m." thing is for the birds.

it's now 5:06. i think that, if i really really try, i can maybe sleep now.

too much on the mind, i suppose.

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Extraordinary Machine said...

Waitress... Great movie, but um well... You will have to see. I don't want to give anything away, but definently please go see it.