Wednesday, June 27, 2007

looks like i need to drop in more f-bombs

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Lyle Snyder said...

Apparently though, it doesn't take much to get to a PG-13 rating. I used the tool for my blog (thanks for the referral btw), and my sermon blog (where I take about the Gospel of Jesus Christ) got a PG-13. The Gospel is pretty adult oriented... apparently not recommended for persons under the age of 13.

How's life?

d. said...

Live Free or Die Hard is PG-13... you might just have a really violent, non non-sexual blog.



d. said...

There was only supposed to be one "non" in that last sentence. Damn you typing! Damn you!

kari said...

all i know is that i better step it up a notch if i want to keep up my image as a surly thirty-something.