Monday, June 11, 2007

what was i doing one year ago?

this is a little game i call "looking back at my archives to see what's different in my life."

let's see....
wow. this is completely unexciting. a blog post about how i wasn't blogging very much. but there are some photos involved, so i guess that's fun.

our evening: the rev. paul and dustin are playing "medal of honor." dustin and i worked on andy's site for a bit and took in a little bit of the ol' Southern Comfort. i've not tasted this for at least a decade. it's like candy in a glass. but liquid. and makes you believe you are a superhero. and inhibits your ability to drive. but other than that...JUST like candy.

"hold on, don't shoot yet....lemme switch weapons..."

good one, rev. paul...i'm sure that's how they handle things in actual wartime.

i just tried my hand at this game...TOO MANY BUTTONS. i need an atari system, with two buttons and one joystick and THAT'S ALL. this newfangled contraption? too much work.

"luckily god's on my side..."

crap. midnight. i'm sleepy. another day of work tomorrow. the battle wages on...

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