Saturday, June 30, 2007

things i should get done before leaving town

so in an effort not to lose my mind and become overwhelmed with details, i make lists. and since it's close to 2 a.m., i'm using this quality "i can't fall back to sleep" time to make that list.

and when i make a list, i rarely ever reference it again. this is just a good way for me to get it the hell out of my head and into writing so i can simply be done with it.

tent (from sarah m.)
something to wear to wedding (pref. a shirt that works well with long brown skirt)

lawn chairs
bug spray
clothes, etc.
toilet paper
pills (nothing illegal, folks)
cell phone charger (even though i get no cell service in ND)
laptop and stuff (laptop bag)
*make sure that power adapter is in car*
mindless movies to watch on laptop when it's 2 a.m., i'm awake and there is no wireless connection
camera/rechargeable batters and charger/download cable

see how much there is to remember??? i might have to actually reference this list.

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